Harley In The Sky Booktube Challenge

Hi! I'm excited to be participating in the Booktube Challenge for the Harley in The Sky Book Tag! And sadly, I'm not going to be doing a video but a blog post instead. (not a fan of showing my face. Fun fact: I am, in reality, three corgis in a coat. Mixed with a dash… Continue reading Harley In The Sky Booktube Challenge

YARC2019 Tracker

hi! I'm so excited to participate in YARC2019 (year of asian reading challenge 2019) held by these amazing hosts: Shealea, Vicky, CW and Lillie! They started the challenge with the aim to read as many books as you can by Asian authors for this whole year. As an Asian myself, I'm excited by this! It… Continue reading YARC2019 Tracker

Books I’ve Consumed Faster Than Cake (+mini reviews)

These books are special. Amazing. Wonderful. Books you can't stop reading. You're stuck on the bed, reading that book and everything in life (even your house on fire) can wait until you are done! You shall not be disturbed. That's why finishing them is so painful. Because they're over. And then what do we do… Continue reading Books I’ve Consumed Faster Than Cake (+mini reviews)